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Invest in bricks and mortar !

Compared to all types of medium and long-term investments, real estate offers, undeniably, the best return/risk ratio, much better than that for shares or bonds! Studies by academics in our country and on the other side of the Atlantic show, in fact, that real estate return fluctuates much less than that of shares.

The current atmosphere on the stock market will most certainly not affect the conclusions drawn from these statistics  ……

Bricks and mortar are not reserved for the wealthiest. Investment can, of course, be in an office or apartment building but it can also be in a villa, apartment, lock-up garage or even a parking space.

GRIF’s strength lies, in particular, in its real estate investment consultancy service, its investment strategies and return analysis. We would be very pleased to be able to offer you our collaboration in these fields, presenting you with different aspects of real estate investment or, simply, sharing with you our love of bricks and mortar …

Moreover, we have at our disposal superb investment opportunities, in particular in residential or commercial buildings, apartments, villas or land.

We look forward to meeting your every demand!



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