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Our difference

GRIF marks its difference, offering you 3 essential advantages:



Liquid assets
Each building managed by GRIF has its own bank account opened in its owner’s name.

All buildings managed by GRIF undergo a full survey each year by a qualified architect. In this way any imperfections in the functioning of the building’s technical parts (heating, ventilation, sanitary installations, etc.) or any risk linked to deterioration to its shell (roof, facades, foundations, etc.) are noted. This annual “check-up” is, of course, additional to the regular visits to the building by its manager.



Each owner has 24-hr access to all information that he may need concerning his building via a strictly confidential, securised Internet access. GRIF offers its owners the advantage of permanent access to the following daily updated data on their buildings:


• Rental status with all signed leases and riders
• Management account
• Breakdown of book entries with presentation of all invoices and other documents in proof.
• Daily operating report summarising the main data and indexes for the building, enabling the owner to know at a glance how his investment is evolving! 
• Background to annual management reports and comparison of rental statuses and management accounts over 5 years.
• Plans of the building, technical parts and each apartment or commercial areas with photographs

Optimal profitability


In addition to the rigorous daily management of your asset, GRIF analyses the position of your investment in the current market. The analysis of your building’s rental status and comparison with certain criteria and indices can reveal rental risks or reserves, and possibilities of change in the future. Likewise, an in-depth analysis of your building’s operating charges and comparison with different methods often leads to the detection of anomalies and the rationalisation of operating costs . 

Again with the aim of ensuring the best return on your real estate investments, GRIF studies all fiscal consequences linked to the different investment strategies envisaged.

In the framework of a real estate investment for a relatively long period, judicious planning of, for instance,  the transfer of your asset will make it possible to reduce the tax burden in this area to a minimum.

This constant concern to offer you optimal profitability and efficiency in each of our services is also visible in the areas of brokerage or price negotiation, real estate investment advice, appreciation of rental statuses and even in the search for the best value for money when envisaging renovation works.

GRIF’s efficiency is, furthermore, reinforced by its network of specialists (architect, lawyer, solicitor, banker and insurer).


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