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Aware that the future of Geneva is strongly linked to the harmonious development of its region, GRIF is extremely interested in the development of the Swiss-French border region, where there is a very great imbalance in the job/population ratio. In fact Geneva concentrates 75% of jobs in this region but only 57% of its population! This gap has greatly increased over the past 40 years:  Pays de Gex saw its population increase practically fourfold, that of the Nyon district increased threefold, the inhabitants of the Genevan Haut-Savoyois region doubled and … the population of the Geneva canton only rose by 55%! Whilst the latter is considerable, it is nothing compared to the other rates of growth in this Swiss-French border region!

The current shortage of properties on the Geneva real estate market, due, of course, to the geographical narrowness of its territory and the delay in the production of new dwellings, will probably reinforce these disparities even more, inciting many people to work in Geneva and live in neighbouring France.

Those with Swiss nationality (or the nationality of a country bordering on Switzerland) and working in Geneva have had, for a number of years now, the right to elect domicile in neighbouring France. Bilateral agreements, which came into force on 1 June 2002, now allow all citizens of the European Union to live in France and work in Geneva …

Today, in order to ensure harmonious development in this region it is, therefore, essential for information to be exchanged and ideas to be shared between the two sides of the border!

 GRIF offers you 2 types of services in relation with neighbouring France:


Selection of land, villas or apartments in neighbouring France.


This service comprises the search for the property desired by the client, full advice concerning the implications linked to a domicile in neighbouring France (taxation, social insurance, etc.) and the execution on your behalf of all administrative formalities both in Switzerland and neighbouring France ("contrôle des habitants" that is to say Swiss population authorities, tax formalities, preparation and following of the file with the French authorities, customs formalities, schools, public transports, etc. …).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for information concerning our services in neighbouring France!




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